Wings of the Dawn (Softcover)

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This exceptional biography has been written to honour the previous generation and make accessible to future generations an account of the way life was between 1920 and 1950, while making the life lessons relevant to those with or without military or aviation experience. It is a brilliant read, and serves to encourage others to record the heroic stories of previous generations.

Having taken several years to write the book, the author has gone to every effort to ensure it is of the highest quality and supported with research and more than 200 graphics throughout the 440 page book. The book is an entertaining trip down memory lane for older readers, whilst being profoundly motivating and educational for young adults, many of whom are very interested in this period and particularly the Second World War, but until now may have struggled to know where to start when trying to understand the context of the war and its impact on a personal level.

This biography has been created with the help of several graphic designers, a professional typesetter, and input from multiple authors and relevant professionals, resulting in an exceptionally high quality book.

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